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Born in Chongqing, I moved to Australia in September 1986. My earliest impression was the fantastic environment: blue skies, seafood and friendly people. As an international student at the University of Queensland (UQ), I lived with an Australian family, Mr and Mrs Cassidy, who were retired from the Queensland Government.


At that time my spoken English was very poor. I asked them if, every day, they could answer three questions for me. Exploring thousands of questions with them over more than four years, my knowledge of Australia was enriched, and my spoken English improved significantly. They changed my life.


Mr and Mrs Cassidy also took me to many places in Queensland, like the Queensland State Library, to research questions ranging from Aboriginal Australia, to the Australian political system, in more depth. I later become a Research Assistant at UQ.


Australia is a multicultural society with large Chinese communities. I have been part of a number of Chinese community organisations in Queensland, as President of Miaomiao Chinese School, a non-profit organisation teaching Chinese language to children on weekends; Chairperson of the Queensland Chinese Forum (QCF), and Chinese Community Crime Prevention Consultative Committee. When the Sichuan earthquake happened in 2008, our Chinese community in Australia organised fundraising activities to help the survivors.


At UQ, I have been involved in the development of exchange and education programs for international students, including the Australian Government-funded New Colombo Plan Mobility Program, sponsoring UQ Engineering and Information Technology students to visit Chinese universities for four weeks annually.


My research interest is Big Data Analytics. I lead a social computing research team and recently created a new type of software system, the Opinion Search Engine (OSE). The OSE searches social opinions from social communities across all publically available social networks using Big Data fusion techniques.


I was honoured to be named one of the most powerful people in Australia on Big Data by the Australian Financial Review in its 2015 Power Issue.


Xue Li is Professor, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

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