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In 1989, the China Radio International (CRI) Home English Broadcast Beijing FM91.5 introduced a new music program ‘EZFM’ from Sydney’s 2CH Radio. The program played a large amount of European and American pop music, hosted by Australian DJs, all in English. Back then, before the internet, broadcasters used old-fashioned audio tapes, and later digital tapes, to ensure eight hours of air time every day. Both types of tapes were sent to Beijing via international express courier services, and then used for broadcasting.


Broadcasting at a time when English-language media and entertainment products more generally, were scarce, the program was extremely popular, especially with students. Fans might still remember DJ Phil Sutton’s powerful voice and cool hosting style. Listeners would use cassette recorders to record the show and share tracks amongst friends. This is how young Chinese people first came to know Australian brands like Telstra and Qantas.


I was one of those student listeners. After graduation, I became the host of another music program on CRI FM91.5, and later became FM Director. In 2005, I made EZFM the call sign of the entire CRI FM, to commemorate the colourful youth of a generation who grew up with EZFM, and to represent the open attitude it fostered.


Wang Lu is Director, China Radio International (CRI) English Service, Beijing.

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