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I have been working in Photovoltaic (PV) technology research and development for the last 39 years. About six years ago, I was approached by a Chinese company, Trina Solar, one of the top five PV companies in the world, to join their R&D team as Chief Scientist and Vice-President.


After a short visit to Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in October 2011, I agreed to move from Adelaide to China. My work had already taken me to live in three different continents, Europe, USA and Australia, but moving with my wife to China was another story. When people asked me why, my answer was pretty clear: scientists interested in working in semiconductor technology in the 70s would move to the Silicon Valley. Nowadays, scientists interested in developing PV technology should move to China, the ‘solar valley’ of the world (at least in terms of PV manufacturing).


My goal was to put in place the best industrial R&D centre for photovoltaics in China. Over the last six years, our State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology at Trina Solar has gained a fantastic reputation with 16 different world records in solar-cell efficiency and PV module power, and Trina Solar has become the most-respected brand for PV modules. One of our best demonstrations was a solar-powered race car that won the solar EV championship in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Working with young Chinese engineers at Trina Solar has been one of the most-rewarding challenges of my professional career as a scientist.


Pierre Verlinden is Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Trina Solar.

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