LI Jie

Domestic violence intervention advocate

About This Project

As Chair of the All-China Women’s Federation of Luquan District, Shijiazhuang, in Hebei province, one of my priorities was to protect women from domestic violence. During my tenure, I participated in a technical cooperation program with the Australian Human Rights Commission.


In 2012, the Luquan Domestic Violence Intervention Centre became a pilot China-Australia Domestic Violence Intervention Centre. I had the opportunity to go to Australia and complete field visits to intervention centres, police stations, courts and other government departments. I was amazed at the knowledge of Australian experts in the field who had rich practical experience. I was also touched by the warm-hearted working manner of the staff I met. The staff treated visitors to their centres, who came to seek help, as clients, and strove to provide them with first-rate services.


I brought the Australian system of helping survivors of domestic violence back to Hebei. In one case, Sister Dong, we were able to track and intervene in a continuous and comprehensive way, and get her and her family’s life back on track.


I applied what I learnt in the Australian cooperation program to my work and with this experience have served many women. This gives me a strong sense of fulfilment.


Li Jie is former Chair of the All-China Women’s Federation of Luquan District, Shijiazhuang.

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