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Growing up in Australia, Woolmark was a household staple for warm jumpers and cosy blankets. Who would have thought, decades later, I would be working for Woolmark in the Chinese high-fashion world, leading an exciting partnership between the brand and supermodel Lu Yan’s fashion brand Comme Moi.


I first met Lu Yan when she was one of the judges for the International Woolmark Prize 2015/16 Asia Regional Final. She was inquisitive and attentive to each designer nominee, even trying on some of the garments to get a proper idea of the silhouette and handle of each piece. We ended up talking at length about her modelling experience in the fashion industry, as well as her first foray into fashion design with the creation of her brand Comme Moi. That conversation was probably the moment where we both thought The Woolmark Company and Comme Moi could collaborate on a collection.


Comme Moi’s use of Australian Merino wool shows just how versatile this luxurious fibre can be. Gone are the days of wool only being used for winter wear and uniforms.


I feel incredibly lucky to work on such an important partnership and one which so beautifully connects the Australian wool and Chinese textile industries.


In 2016, Comme Moi became the first Chinese brand to collaborate with us on a co-branded, five-piece Australian Merino wool capsule collection under the theme of ‘China Rouge’, which was unveiled in Beijing.


I will be visiting Australia with Lu Yan early next year to visit our headquarters, as well as a wool-growing property.


Jeff Ma is Executive Vice-President for Greater China & Developing Markets Asia, The Woolmark Company.

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