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My China-Australia story started before I was born. My mother’s father moved to Australia from China in the 60s to be Chief Librarian of the Orientalia Section, National Library of Australia. On the other side, my father worked with Stephen FitzGerald in the late 70s, as Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy in Beijing.


Having rebelled against my Sunday Chinese school lessons as a four year old, I went on to choose Chinese at university. With a tiger mum, I was also encouraged to study engineering. I ended up in the field of mining.


All of these factors have steered me towards a career that balances mining, and China. During my university days, in addition to studying in Beijing, I completed a three month work experience at AngloAmerican’s China Office, which allowed me to travel around the country visiting mining operations − places that many foreigners wouldn’t normal go. After four years working as a mining engineer in regional Australia after graduating, I found myself back in Beijing.


I worked as a consultant for Chinese state-owned enterprises who were listing their mining companies on various stock exchanges. During this period I was a delegate in the Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD).  There, I met a diverse group of high-achieving, early-career Chinese and Australians passionate about the bilateral relationship. I was inspired by the group’s enthusiasm and energy, and how they could have such a large and positive impact.


I currently work for The Big Australian (BHP) in Australia, and I have kept my links with China by taking on the role of ACYD’s Executive Director.


It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to help deliver two ACYDs, one in Hong Kong/Shenzhen, and more recently in Beijing, celebrating ACYD’s 8th anniversary. I’m proud to support ACYD’s goal of creating a community of change-makers and influencers − who help enable the positive development of the bilateral relationship.


Jade Little is a Planning Superintendent at The Big Australian (BHP) and Executive Director, Australia-China Youth Dialogue.

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