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Shanghai 21 years ago was definitely not the Shanghai of today. But I thought it was heaven, I still do. It’s a place where you can do and have whatever you want, as long as you are willing to work hard and smart. It’s a place full of opportunities. A place where dreams come true.


I started my career as one of the first foreign hosts on Chinese television and am best known for my cooking show You Are the Chef. The show aired daily for over 17 years, reaching over six million viewers.


I’ve been awarded Most Popular TV Host on International Channel Shanghai for eight years running.


With one foot in Australia, and one in China, I also use my understanding of both cultures to help companies and brands from all over the world wanting to enter the China market.


I married a Shanghainese man and we have two beautiful children who go to local schools. We are passionate about them learning the Chinese language, as well as Shanghainese. During the summer holidays I take my family back to Australia where they also get to go to school. The balance between the relaxed and creative education in Australia, and the disciplined, culturally rich environment of schooling in China, is the perfect mix to prepare my children for their future.


I have lived half my life in Australia and the other half here in China; it has made me who I am today. Without both of these two countries, the people, the cultures, the challenges, opportunities, hopes and dreams, I know that my life would not have been as fulfilled, as happy or as exciting.


Heidi Dugan is a TV Host with Shanghai Media Group’s International Channel Shanghai.

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