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The year was 1995. I finally got through to Soundfirm Australia’s main switch. The amazed receptionist couldn’t work out how to say my name, and simply said it was “China calling!”


I told the CEO I was looking for film post-production services, which were hard to find in China at the time. When I invited him to come to Beijing for a meeting, he didn’t hesitate. I remember our conversation was along the lines of:


“What do I need to bring?”

“Cash money and heavy jacket, please.”


Four weeks after our meeting in Beijing I arrived in Melbourne with a Chinese crew. The beautiful scenery, professional staff, efficient workflow − everything was new to me.


Since then, Soundfirm Australia has worked with some of China’s top directors: Chen Kaige, Jiang Wen, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Yimou. It was a natural next step that Soundfirm Australia would establish Soundfirm Beijing, the first post-production joint venture in China which has now been operating for 14 years. We even worked on audio post-production for the popular TV drama, Eternal Love.


Being pioneers in an industry means we have made a lot of sacrifices, and worked incredibly hard. Over the lifespan of Soundfirm Beijing, China’s annual box office has gone from $USD 50 million to $USD 50 billion. I guess that’s what you call a booming industry.


Geng Ling is CEO, China Film Assist and Executive Director, Soundfirm Beijing.

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