Educator and internet celebrity

About This Project

I have been in China since 2010 and have experienced so much during this time. I became a husband, a father, a headmaster and an internet celebrity with over 8 million fans all over the country.


When I first arrived in China, I ended up living in Inner Mongolia, which wasn’t always the plan. But Hohhot was my fate. I met Sammy, my wife, through the online platform QQ and we hit it off right off the bat! Shortly after, I started my own International English Language Testing System (IELTS) training school, and we went from four students to over 100 within the first 12 months.


In December 2015, I was driving my car and then suddenly I decided to make a video to share on Weibo, one of China’s largest social media platforms. I made a video about how to use the English word ‘play’ because adults in China often misuse this particular word. That video generated 120,000 new followers within hours. Two years later, my online following has grown to over 8 million.


It has been quite a rollercoaster journey. China is the kind of place where anything can happen. This place is full of opportunity.


David Gulasi is Founder, New World Language School, Hohhot.

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