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Every Monday, for more than a decade, the Shanghai Security News carried a weekly column on Chinese market analysis from an analyst based in Darwin.


It all started when an invitation arrived unannounced in my email inbox. It was from the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Dalian Commodity Exchange. I was invited to speak to their traders about trading methods.


That invitation led to landing in the first bitter snow of the season in Shanghai, and later, in the well-entrenched winter ice in Dalian. Apart from inappropriate clothes, I also packed all the wrong attitudes and preconceptions. Looking back, I wonder how I survived.


I had a well-established global reputation in my field of financial analysis, and had been delivering conference and workshop presentations for more than a decade. I knew financial markets.


But China was different – and not a just a little bit different. However, Chinese markets were compatible with my technical analysis methods and my Chinese colleagues were eager to learn how Western methods could be applied.


A stroll through the winter mists in the Forbidden City with a colleague rounded out a business plan. Six of my books were quickly translated and we embarked on a series of conferences over fifteen years.


Daryl Guppy is an independent technical analyst, TV commentator, speaker, author, columnist and China Australia business consultant.

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